‘Think’ evokes opinions regarding how the inclusion or exclusion of disabled people from society is experienced in current time. It does so by documenting the voice of those who have encountered such life experiences. The photographs are reflections of identity as each person was asked to bring something that they valued within their lives to the studio to be photographed with. Some brought living beings and others brought pieces of clothing or even creations of their own, all of which are personal to them. The videos that accompany the portraits allow for the views of society to develop by giving a voice to each person. By allowing the viewer to gaze upon each person’s portrait as well as hear the voice of that person, ‘Think’ allows for empathy and understanding to broaden. By challenging the conventions by which disabled people are represented, Curran hopes her work will contribute towards a more inclusive society.

‘Think’ is a project inspired by Curran’s self-portrait: Loss.